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New! – To purchase ‘Just Like Your Smile’ from the ABC3 ‘Smile…It’s Summer’ Promo, as featured in the programme CJ the DJ, click here for instant download!

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Note: In case you purchased the song and Paypal didn’t automatically return you to the download page, or for any other download post purchase issues, just email me directly and I’ll sort you out with an attachment of the song by email instead! cheers Barb

Hello! If you arrived here after watching my funny little anti-sales video the world’s most professional sales pitch you have landed on my ‘non’-landing page.

Seriously: Internet Marketing – or marketing any product, is to do with giving. It’s to do with creating a bond with people, showing ‘what you’ve got’ – but not in a ‘me me me’ way, but in a ‘how I can help you’ sort of way.

As you may have gathered from the video I can do a bunch of stuff – from music production, composition and sound design right through to video and multimedia creation, but even more than slammin’ content, I can actually create a website that google loves, get it ranking on the first page for a particular keyword (not all keywords are created equal, of course!) – and help you optimise your page so that people who do land there will actually clearly understand what you have to offer, but also provide other information for them.

It’s like the fashion designer who dresses themselves last – I’ve been too busy editing other videos and making other sites for clients and getting them traffic, ranking, increased buzz – to bother about doing it for myself.

however, this site gets quite a lot of traffic, so I must be doing something right, huh.

Anyway; get in touch with me if you want some help.

(The more specific you are about what you might be wanting, the more specific I can be with my answer. i.e. – do you want internet marketing strategy to get more leads to your website? or ideas how to better convert the traffic you have? or you just want some great content? you might have some video you need edited up to make it look and sound more spiffing, or you might want help creating a paid membership area for your website, or perhaps even a shopping cart.)

I can do all of this. I can get you traffic. I have a team of outsourcers at my disposal – in fact, several teams depending on what’s required – and a lot of the work I do myself.

(I only outsource to save myself drudgery or you money, because although the strategy part of internet marketing is highly skilled, the execution is often repetitive so I do have outsourcers that I direct to do all that stuff (like tagging images, and so on…) -

anyway. yeah, get in touch here.

Below is my ‘old’ home page. (so five minutes ago!)


Barbara Griffin is a Sydney music producer with over a decade’s experience producing cutting edge music tracks for a wide variety of clients, including advertising agencies, major label recording artists, and TV show themes.

Running Logic Studio 9 with Tannoy Active studio monitor speakers, a Korg Triton and a battery of soft-synths, a vast library of beats and drum sounds, and a K2000 valve microphone, Barbara produces the track from scratch creating multi-layered soundtracks (or just great pop songs!) – styled to the brief.

An award-nominated recording engineer (Finalist for Recording Engineer of the Year as well as an APRA award winner for her music composed for Qantas, Barbara is a programmer, keyboard player, recording and mix engineer, sound designer, and music producer.

Barbara usually works with signed artists writing for their upcoming album or single, produces ‘records’ (yep – i still call ‘em that!) – for artists for a budget or release, or composes music on commission for television projects.

Working with Barbara feels a bit like ‘jamming in the lounge’ – and it is meant to, because Barbara realised long ago that artists do the best vocals when they are relaxed and not feeling that ‘red light fever’ pressure that you get in studios with glass walls separating you from the control room. The valve Rode K2000 valve mic you’ll be using is as good as any you’ll get in the ‘big’ studios (in fact, it won ‘best studio microphone’ at the Frankfurt Musikmesse – but really, production is not just about hitting record, comping, programming, structure and arrangement – it’s about instinctive musical choices – but also, having the technical ability to execute them.

For that reason, every take is kept, as it when the artist is feeling the most relaxed, it’s most likely that the best vocal performance will come out. After that, takes are painstakingly compiled (‘comped’) so that the resulting vocal is the ‘best of the best’ – and yes, fine-tuning software is uses judiciously as needed, so that the vocalist ‘sounds like a superstar’ – or rather, sounds like the standard that listeners expect these days.

Layering of background vocals is then added if it suits the style – other instrumentation is added, and then track is ready for final mix and then to mastering (a recommended step – yep, even for ‘demos’!)

If you would like to work with Barb, please use the contact form to get in touch here. Though she is often booked quite a way in advance, as she works for herself, a day or days can usually be slotted in to make a start on your project!