Kid’s Choir

Kids Choir – YAY!!!!! It’s finally happening again!

BUNDANOON: Monday 28 August 6pm until 7, then every Monday!
GOULBURN: Tuesday September 12th, 6pm until 7, then every Tuesday!
BUNDANOON: Holy Trinity Hall, 15 Church St, Bundanoon.
GOULBURN: Parish Office, (behind St Saviour’s Cathedral Hall) 170 Bourke St, Goulburn


  • An outpost of the Goulburn Cathedral Choir with participation/performance in the Cathedral optional.
  • A mixture of sacred music (Carols, anthems, etc) and secular pop songs that the kids will love.
  • Similar in vibe to the kid’s choir I ran last year as part of Bundanoon Sings!
  • Great musical training for your child!
  • All the kids had fun last year and I hope this year is just as much fun!
  • Be moved to tears as you hear what the kids will be able to do!

Free! No charge!
For further information check out our Goulburn Cathedral Music Kids Choir page.

Note re: Bundanoon Kids Choir:
There is no charge whether or not your child chooses to sing in the Cathedral or not.
That said, the Parish of Sutton Forest Rector Jeremy Tonks and the church wardens and have kindly agreed to let me have the church hall in Bundanoon to rehearse in ‘by donation at my discretion’ kind of thing, although the published rate is $16.50 per hour. I am endeavouring to donate $200 every 12 weeks of use or so, in advance. I am covering this personally so as not to make another cost for the Cathedral and also so it can happen! Your donations will go towards this and/or to cover printer ink and other costs and so are welcome but optional. (You could also donate directly to the church, although this would not then necessarily ‘come off’ the hall payment.)

Any donations or ticket income for any concerts we do in Bundanoon probably in the sandstone church (great venue for a concert, nice acoustics and good mid-size room) I thought could be split between the Holy Trinity Church and Goulburn Cathedral chorister fund (to cover new robes, sheet music and such.)


Please let me know if your child would be available and keen to perform at Goulburn Cathedral (where I am Director of Music) for our Synod service on October 6th, at 6pm (Additional rehearsals will be from approx. 4pm on the day in the Cathedral.) Choir robes will be supplied and fitted prior.

Also: Advent Service December 3rd 6pm, and Christmas Service (date and time TBC)

Performance opportunities:
We will be learning a selection of carols and anthems in the lead up to christmas with opportunities to perform them at community (Bundanoon) events and other events. If we get enough repertoire together in time we can do our own concert! This looks like it could be a go on a Saturday afternoon in late November or early December.

PS – I have Working With Children (WWC0930355V) and current Safe Ministry Training.

Adult Volunteers
It would be great if one or two parents or adult choristers would like to attend to help the kids particularly when they split into parts, wrangle things in general, and/or sing the adult chorister parts so the kids can imagine what it will sound like when we add the adults in ‘on the gig’! Let me know if you can help or just turn up!

Age Range
Kids from primary to college will be welcome. If voices are broken boys can sing adult/lower parts (I can help, all will be catered for!) – Actually, adults are welcome to come and sing too particularly if interested in singing with the Goulburn Cathedral choir as an adult ‘popup chorister’ alongside their child.

Repertoire and Sheet Music:
I will supply all sheet music but be good to get an idea of numbers (email me!) so I can print out the correct number of copies.
First rehearsal we will try this gorgeous pop song by Frances

and start work on this lovely Rutter anthem. ‘On the gig’ (at the Cathedral) Edwina Carter will play flute with us!

And maybe a Christmas Carol as well for good measure – and this is pretty much what the vibe will be in the Cathedral!

Kids Choir in rehearsal – week 3!